History of Bellaclan Border Collies

By:  Laura K. S. Shaw

When I founded Bellaclan 14 years ago, little did I know where my love and admiration for this breed would take me. This has meant a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment. The results have been worth it, a successful line up of dogs true to the Border Collie Standard. Over the years I've known so many extrordinary dogs, and amazing people, both in our home country Canada and abroad! I am so happy and proud to share some of these memories with you here!

Bellaclan has had a dog in the Canadian Top 10 Breed Standings in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 consistently. We have also had the highest amount of top winning dogs in Canada from any one kennel! We have had multiple dogs win at specialty and group levels, and have recieved invitations to the Eukanuba Invitational in the USA on multiple occasions! We are so proud considering we like to keep the number of dogs we have as small as possible whilst maintaining a successfull hobby breeding program, aiming for the highest quality. Breeding quality is not an option for us, it is the standard. We do not breed puppies to make money, in fact it is quite the opposite and costs more to feed, show, vet and take care of the dogs then the few dollars that come in from pup sales. This is a passion, not a job! I also must thank, from the very bottom of my heart, all my wonderful puppy owners. You are all truly special and this would NEVER be possible without you ALL. We are a team, a family, a BELLACLAN! Last but not least, thank you to all the families who have our dogs as PETS and love them like their own children. These dogs are just as important as the show dogs!

My Story

Bellaclan was started in 1998 due to my love of obedience trials. My first Border Collie "Comet" was born in 1996 and was 100% working bred. He brought me so much joy that I could not help but be addicted to this wonderful breed, he was what started it all for me! Border Collies are nothing like any other breed.  If it were not for many special people, trainers, and mentors, Bellaclan would never be as successful as it is today!

Shortly after getting Comet I started handling for the world renown Pendouglas Great Pyrenees Kennels of Douglas and Penelopy Numbers (my highschool teachers!).  At that time Border Collies were not accepted to show in Canada yet!!! Learning from them, I realized what it took to run a successful breeding program. They were so gracious to share their knowledge about genetics, pedigrees, and most importantly bone structure!  They are second generation breeders and had much to share. I spent all my afternoons at their kennels training in obedience, show, whelping litters, raising puppies, and helping at their boarding kennel too.  I would go over and train right after school and finish my homework there, and yes, being teachers they helped with that too!  We traveled to many out of town shows together,  finishing too many Champions to count, including multiple group winners, and multi group placers and multi best puppy in show and group winners and even best in specialty and group specialty winners. Thank you Penny for the wonderful gift of knowledge and allowing me to be part of the Pendouglas team!

When I finally made the big step and decided that I wanted to breed I choose to go with a combination of top dogs from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland,  and the UK. Correctly combined I aim to breed a line all my own. I knew how important a foundation is, and I knew how VERY important quality bitches are, and so began my quest for a bitch. She came in the form of "Felicity", Follyhill Felicity Bellaclan who I imported from Dr Darby Lewes of Pensdale, PA USA (Folly Hill's Kennels) in 2004, a daughter of the Australian import, Group Winning, BISS Am CH Korella Royal Command ROMF 2XAOM @ WKC.  Felicity won a major over group placing specials the one time I talked her into the ring, she never was a fan of the show ring and thus her offspring are where she truly shone! Most of our dogs that have higher drive come down from Felicity, well known as the "Felicity effect" her pups were not only pretty but incredibly talanted in performance events.  Meet Nova, Vallen and Cleo!

Felicity Circa 2009, completely out of coat!

Deciding that I wanted a dog to show, since being in the show ring is where my heart lies, I had planned to breed Felicity to Australian Import "Thief" Am CH Jenaid Thief Of Hearts CDX ROM, with hopes for a show puppy from the combination.  However with Thiefs age, chilled semen might not have made it across to me in Canada and thus his owner offered me one of his son's from his recently born litter. At 9 weeks old, "Parker" Am/Can CH Noteworthy Prophecy In Time HIC CGN HT came to join me in Canada. "The Prophecy" (as he was lovingly labeled in the show ring) and I did more winning then I ever expected a Border Collie would, considering it was a new breed in Canada. He is a multiple group placer in both Canada and the USA, and the first Group One winning Border Collie in Canada, EVER, Parker was #2 in Canada in 2008 and 2009 and the #1 BC Puppy!

Parker, Circa 2011

Thinking that I should now probably again find a second foundation bitch, and wanting to breed her myself, I imported on lease the lovely "Maddie" Can CH Kesca Made Wild who I later showed in two weekends to her Canadian Championship, bred by Nicole Vanek of Kesca Border Collies.  I had her bred to Parkers nephew  "Diesel" Am CH Made You Look At Powerhouse CGC AOE before she arrived here. Hoping for a girl I ended up with two boys, one of which is "Jackson" Can CH Bellaclan This Is It HIC HCTs who is a multi puppy group winner, the #1 BC puppy for 2010, top 10 in 2011, and a multiple group placer! ...but I still didn't have my girl!
Below, Maddie Circa 2010

Below: Maddie's son Jackson, Circa 2011

In February 2010 Farrah joined the Bellaclan, she finished her Canadian Championship fast considering her unique colour and became the first Sable to Champion in Canada and I believe the 3rd sable champion of all time in North America. Farrah is the foundation of our unique sable line.  We are striving for sable's correct enough to win over the black and whites.  We are not comprimising colour for quality and are very pleased with what we have so far.  Farrah's pups are outstanding, pretty with lovely angles and sweet temperaments!  Meet her daughter Dime.  Did you know sable is a very old colour in Border Collies.  Many of the oldest artwork of Border Collies is of a sable dog!

Farrah circa 2012

Back on the prowl for a suitable second foundation bitch...I was undoubtedly excited when I got the chance to own Maddie's full litter mate sister, "Ava".  Thus Ava join me in Canada and later became Group Winning Can CH Kesca Pipers Sunet Melody. More noteworthy then her dazzling show career is her progeny.  Ava produced offspring that consistently win in the herding field and at the specialty show level being top ranked in both Canada and the USA.  Meet Cash, Star, Viva and our up and coming "keeper", Tyra.

Below: Ava, Circa 2011

Below: Ava's daughter Tyra, circa 2013

In January 2012 I welcomed Dazzle in as a foundation bitch for Bellaclan.  Bred and previously owned by Natalie Holtappel in the UK, Dazzle had already made a name for herself in the UK as an incredible producer.  Made up of completely foreign lines to my kennel, but lines I have long admired! Dazzle did not disapoint us one bit.  Her pups are a perfect combination of beauty and brains and we cannot wait to mix them into our own lines. Dazzle has brough us many improvements that were much needed in the breed in North America.  Thank you Natalie for allowing Dazzle to grace my life.  I don't know how I ever lived without her, wooo woooo wooo's every morning!  Watch for the Dazzle kids in a ring near you!

Below: Dazzle circa 2013 @ 8 years old

I look very forward to the future and aim to breed the best that I possibly can with health, temperament, and structure as my main priority. Any dogs that are not good enough to breed are spayed/neutered and put into a loving pet homes. I believe in keeping a small amount of dogs as I believe that you do not need quantity to breed quality!

Before breeding all dogs are OFA hip scored, and DNA`d for CEA/CH, CL, TNS, unless normal by parentage already, and must have a passing CERF examination. Pedigree are checked for seizeres and EIC (Exercise Induced Colapse) prior to breeding. I aim to protect and preserve the invaluable lines that the amazing breeders before me have put in my hands and trusted me with, and I am so very willing to share what I know and my lines with anyone serious about showing or getting into this breed, who have the breeds well being at heart!

Bellaclan is located along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, in Thunder Bay, ON Canada.

Laura K. S. Shaw


Flag of CANADA Est 1964

"Waved" in Canada as the "Royal Union Flag" AKA the Union Jack since Canada is part of the Commmonwealth Realms under Queen Elizabeth II, along with the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Since 1998




Pictured Above:
Top Left: Bellaclan Here Comes The Son, Top Right: Can CH Bellaclan This Is It HIC HCTs STDs
Bottom Left: Can CH Kesca Pipers Sunset Melody, Bottom Right: Am CH Bellaclan Red Hot Highroller HIC