Bellaclan Champions of Record

Titled dogs bred-by Bellaclan
  1. Can. Am CH Bellaclan Casanovas Magic CGN TD HITs NA NAJ RN <NOVA>
  2. Can CH Bellaclan Midnight Magic <VALLEN>
  3. Can CH Bellaclan This Is It HIT HCTs STDs <JACKSON>
  4. Am Grand CH Bellaclan Red Hot Highroller HIT <CASH>
  5. Am. Int. CH Bellaclan Queen Of Hearts HIT JHDg PT <VIVA>
  6. Am CH Bellaclan Royal Commandress CGC <CLEO>
  7. Can. Int. Am. Grand CH Bellaclan Sunset Symphony CGC RN <STAR>
  8. Am CH Wildblue Before Sunset <JESSIE>
  9. Pol. Lt. CH Bellaclan Reach For The Stars <LILU>
Titled dogs owned/co-owned/leased by Bellaclan
  1. Am Can CH Noteworthy Prophecy In Time CGN HIC HT RN <PARKER>
  2. Can CH Kesca Made Wild <MADDIE>
  3. Can CH Powerhouse's Make Em Want More Bellaclan HIC HCTs <JUNE>
  4. Can CH Companion's Starstruck V Bellaclan <FARRAH>
  5. Can CH Kesca Pipers Sunset Melody <AVA>
  6. Can CH Outburst Tears In Heaven CGC TD <KALANI>


Bellaclan Hall of Fame

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
 — Robert Collier

Some of our top achievements over the years are listed below. Along with producing loving family pets, Bellaclan has also owned and/or bred:

~The #2 Border Collie in Canada 2008 and 2009~

~The #1 Border Collie puppy in Canada in 2008 and 2010~

~#3 Border Collie bitch 2011~

~The #6 and #7 Border Collie In Canada in 2011~

~The #7, #13, #17, #22 Border Collie in Canada 2012~

~The #6 Border Collie Bitch in the USA 2012~

~#12, #16, #17, #21 Border Collies in Canada in 2013~

~The youngest Border Collie to win a Canadian Championship~

~The first Border Collie in Canada to EVER WIN the herding group and puppy herding group~

~ The youngest Border Collie to place in the group~

~ The first owner/handled Border Collie to place in the group ~

~The first ever sable champion in Canada~

~The first ever blue champion in Canada~

~ The first BPIG winning Border Collie in Canada~

~7 American Champions~

~1 American Group Placers~

~2 Canadian Group Winners~

~3 Canadian Group Placers~

~12 Canadian Champions~

~1 United Kennel Club Champion~

~1 International Champion~

~1 Finish Champion~

~1 Lithuania Champion~

~5 Herding titled dogs~

~2 Agility titled dogs~

~2 Obedience Titled dogs~

... it`s only the beginning!