Photo taken Easter 2014 by Walter Jonasson Photography! Thank you Walter for the pictures of Tyra!!!

Whomever said that diamonds were a girls best friend... never owned a Border Collie!
We are located on 30 acres just outside of Thunder Bay, ON, Canada.  We are surrounded by an infinite amount of lakes and trails within 5 minutes from our home... pure bliss for our dogs.  Border Collies are our hobby, our passion...our ADDICTION!!! We breed structurally and mentally sound AKC registered Border Collies, composed of only the finest pedigrees from around the globe.  We health test all our dogs BEFORE we breed them to ensure that we only produce the healthiest pups free of any genetic disease.    This is not a business; we do not breed to supply the general public with pups. We breed to produce a show dog for ourselves and often times there are a few extras in the litter looking for loving show and pet homes. We put an incredible amount of thought into each and every litter and are so proud of the results thus far.  In 2012 seven of the top 25 dogs in Canada were Bellaclan owned and or bred, and with very limited showing.  
Welcome...to our world.

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